Ксения Токарева


Иллюзия Хим Графика 11 / 14 6

Иллюзия Хим ~ Ксения Токарева


Ксения Токарева – Иллюзия Хим

Исходный файл: 583×370 px (0.1 Mb)
Добавлено: 14/12/2012
Альбом: Пирография

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B (Гость)
14/12/2012 11:35   #1

I like all of these very much, but I prefer this one to the icons.
I love the detail. You must need a very steady hand! It’s not like you an correct any mistakes.
I hope to see some more oil’s as well.

B (Гость)
14/12/2012 12:07   #2

"It’s not you like can correct any mistakes. "
I can’t even write my own language correctly!

14/12/2012 12:25   #3

When writing comments don"t worry, please;) I"m glad that my art draws an audience from every corner of the globe

B (Гость)
14/12/2012 12:34   #4

Even after two attempts I still got it wrong :)
Do you use a special type wood?

14/12/2012 12:46   #5

Every artwork needs an individual approach. I"m careful in making a choice.

15/12/2012 18:22   #6

Благодарю, Сергей! А за изящный букет отдельное спасибо!

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